Good Time Tribe

Good Time Tribe is my colloquialism for my group of close friends and associates. It is named in honor of my father. While he never neared infallibility, he left behind a legacy of central core concepts valuable to me. GTT is my attempt at a realization of those ideals. I am a Dallasite. I have been using computers since 1986. I program. I help businesses grow their market by using the Internet, social networks, search engine optimization, and custom applications. I write. I listen to music and I enjoy time with friends. I love my family. You can contact me online via twitter, Google Hangouts, AOL Instant Messenger, and Facebook. To learn more about GTT read more below and check out my blog.

Good Time Tribe is About Fun

My father understood that life is hard. He attempted to distance himself from those hardships by surrounding himself with things and people he enjoyed. Fun was at the top of that list. Fun is a tiny word, but in his mind fun could only be completely fulfilled if it was shared beyond himself. For fun to be had, he thought it had to entail more than 1 person. Myself, being an only child, I began to agree only later in life. I know now, he was always right.

Good Time Tribe is About Gathering

Drawing on our Native American ancestry, the “tribe” is the core unit central to ethnic groups. Large, nomadic families gathered and communally shared resources, skills, knowledge, and collectively utilized these for success. After centuries of change to the landscape and in the people, our methods, knowledge, and skill have changed, but we still travel and we now gather in different ways. Good Time Tribe is a formal blessing to the people who have traveled away from me and have come from far away to meet me. It is a shelter upon me as I travel.

Good Time Tribe is About Inherent Connections

When one of the tribes connects with another, a great blending occurs. Through these blendings we create inherent connections across individuals and throughout all groups. Good Time Tribe is the materialized faith that these blendings will be for the good of all.