Custom Social Network Software

Custom Social Network Software

Consider visiting CORE to experience a new and unique, custom social network software. Looking to find out how you can use CORE for your online community? Please contact me if you are interested in using CORE for your system.

CORE Custom Social Network Software

CORE Custom Social Network Software Common Features

  • Updates – Share content with friends, other members, and the world. Updates work like blog posts, tweets on Twitter, and wall posts on Facebook. Set permissions on updates to be available to friends, other community members, or the world.
  • Friend management – Connect with friends and follow their updates. Confirm friend requests to allow your friends to view your updates. Block unwanted followers from accessing your shared content.
  • Direct message – send direct messages to friends and other members.
  • Forums / Discussion Topics. Threaded discussions are similar to common forums or virtual bulletin board software.
  • Announcements – Commonly used by administrators to share announcements to all members, often regarding system changes, updates, and alerts.
  • Forgot password – A user can reset their password, verified through a link sent via email.

CORE Custom Social Network Software Unique Features

  • Public Whiteboard is available to all logged in users. It’s a small section of the website that allows all users to write information that can be viewed by all visitors. Once the whiteboard is full, old information is erased, just like a real white board.
  • Gravatar support – Don’t want to upload your picture? No worries, if you have a gravatar associated to your email account, the gravatar will be displayed.

About Good Time Tribe

Learn more about Good Time Tribe and its history on the About Good Time Tribe page.

Good Time Tribe Subjects

GTT has a very large and diverse background. Among others, topics and interests include:

  • Art
  • Home and Garden
  • Technology

Good Time Tribe Projects

GTT Is occasionally used as a grass roots testing ground for new applications, technologies, systems, and tools. As they become publicly available, more information about those projects will be shared here.